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From Gulf to Gulf

From Gulf to Gulf 2013, a film made by the group CAMP is part of the exhibition Modern Times at the Tate Modern. The film was made using mobile phone footage shot by sailors on the shipping routes between India, the Middle East and Africa. The title presents the route as a journey from the Gulf of Kutch to the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Aden.

Small boats regularly transport goods from Gujarat in India to Dubai or Sharjah in the UAE, where they dock and reload before heading onwards to East Africa.

Sailing from Dubai to India

The group of artists CAMP is based in Mumbai. Since 2009 they have worked extensively with the transnational community of dockworkers and sailors employed across the Indian Ocean trade routes. The sailors were already using mobile phone technology to copy and share music during the long sea voyages. For this project, they began to make short videos documenting their everyday lives and activities on board ships. CAMP edited the films together, along with some video footage shot from the shore.

This democratic form of filmmaking produces a collective portrait of a maritime community that defies national borders and geographical boundaries.

*I inserted some extracts (some minutes) from the whole film which is 80 minutes long which is really fascinated.