Money doesn’t buy happiness but it buys everything else!

“Money doesn’t mind if we say it’s evil, it goes from strength to strength. It’s a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy” wrote Martin Amis in his book “Money” some years ago. And I was thinking how much right he was, taking into consideration our present times. Every bit of the daily media news has been wrapped around words which one comes across when reads economic books : debts, taxes(haratsi), bailout, budget…

The topic of all the conversations, even among the “intellectuals”, is about economics and politics, two interrelated subjects, leaving social issues far behind.

Psychologists and economists who have studied the relationship between money and happiness paint the exact picture about the relationship : Homeless people in Calcutta, for instance, score a mere 2.9 on a 7-point scale of happiness, while multimillionaires in the United States rank themselves a cheery 5.8!

So there is a real strong argument at the moment for those people, that are not on the scale of failing to meet basic needs, still can achieve maximum happiness!

So the dilemma now is how to encourage ourselves to look at the bright side and distance ourselves from what we could buy if we had money.

Of course you can tell me “yeah, yeah it is easy being didactic.Give us the money and you can look as much as you like at the bright side…”
But again, I have done my bit about the above request I have given you already two nice books to read and feel this much needed happiness at a very reasonable price! #Μoney_Βuys_Εverything_Εlse.

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