Penelope’s European top 10

After the following compilation(totally subjective) my anxiety about where and what is best in Europe has been evaporated. To say the truth, those lists are a great relief from the life’s stresses !

Μετά από την σύνταξη της παρακάτω λίστας (εντελώς υποκειμενική), όλες οι ανησυχίες μου για το που και τι είναι καλύτερο στην Ευρώπη κόπηκαν μαχαίρι. Η αλήθεια είναι οτι αυτές οι λίστες είναι ένα είδος ανακούφισης από το στρες της ζωής , λεμε τωρα 😉

1.Athens : Best coffee and best social browsing at Brazil cafe, Voukourestiou Syntagma

2. Bath :Best city to live in the past and to feel like Jane Austen, the Duchess Georgiana and their friends.

3. Berlin: Best Museum and best at looting: Pergamon Museum

4. Dresden : Best city at rebuilding its past

5.  London : Best capital city to ride your horse  (always useful )


6.St Martin, Ile de Re : Best place for seafood restaurants sitting next to Johnny Depp

7.  Paris :Best place to hire and ride a modern bicycle


8.  Prague : Best place for wishes come true (includes finances, relationships and other miscellaneous worries) in St.John Neopomuk statue on Charles Bridge

9. Venice :  Best place for the most expensive taxi/boat

10. Best place for not sleeping at all : sleeper trains across Europe.