More is everything in Abu Dhabi

Above you can see the  infamous 11 million dollars Christmas tree at the  Emirates Palace and how  a ‘brilliant’ idea can go so wrong. This is an example   that the marketing teams and PR gurus are not  always right.  In the middle of the recession the  hotel’s publicity connoisseurs started to promote the idea about  the most expensive christmas tree at the Emirates Palace. Obviously, there weren’t women among the hotel’s PR team, because, as it is common truth, women are more intuitive and tuned to the society needs .

As an idea was not so bad. They have borrowed  jewelleries from  various jewellery shops to decorate a huge Christmas Tree in the main lobby of the hotel. Perhaps if they’ve used different wording in their promotion,  they wouldn’t have this outpour of complaints and criticism from the media.

It’s Christmas day, and you don’t know what to do on earth? What you think about having   breakfast  up to the sky with a help of a crane and  being swung like a pendulum  under the sounds of the Saxophone! Maybe you will find the life less boring up there…

Christmas day on the Corniche, Abu Dhabi

These boots must be the most expensive boots I’ve ever seen 😉

P.S. dedicated to all my girlfriends, hoping they have nice dreams for the New Year   😛



Christmas in London

Strolling around London, before Christmas, was a feast in my eyes. Despite the recession, London’s central roads and department stores are  decorated as ever !Do not forget, after the cold war and during the years of prosperity and the credit hype, London has attracted   the richest people in the planet as residents (Russians tycoons, Indians, Arabs etc.).With the exception of the rock stars, who prefer to stay away because of the taxes. This time, the main theme of the decoration has really  awakened the child within: Peter Pan , toy stories, Sylvanian families, Narnia, little bears  etc..

Sloane square: an artistic Christmas tree next to Saatchi Gallery

Selfridges : main entrance, Oxford street

Selfridges:  inside decoration

Ho Ho Ho!  a human size Santa Claus to fit  a hug and a snap

Hamleys, Regent Street  : a toy shop deserves  little bears theme window

Regent street : the Christmas lights  with ‘The chronicles of Narnia’  theme

Harrods window :  a detail from Peter Pan  theme

Harrods: Christmas shop

Quite pricey  Christmas decoration!One piece costs from  3 pounds and above

And… my own little window theme : Tea for Two   😉

Christmas in Abu Dhabi

And the Christmas season starts on the beach with our swimming suits.

At the British Embassy, the Christmas Carols were accompanied with snow. I had no doubts about the fact  when the British Ambassador said to the children to go outside (to the gardens of the British Embassy) to see the snowfall. If  in the past they were able to rule the world why not these days to create snow in the desert with the help of the petropounds?  It was a nicely organized event where the Ambassador was in full spirit giving commands to his guests to sing  the Christmas Carols

At the Greek Embassy  the personal  initiative worked wonders,  the teacher Ioanna organized the Christmas show with the children who attend the Greek school which is hosted in the premises of the Greek Embassy. It was lovely evening seeing all the bilingual children to recite their poems with  perfect Greek . The hardworking teacher Ioanna is a gem and we are lucky to have her to teach our children.

The Brave New World of the ‘Goodbye’ land

“What man has joined, nature is powerless to put asunder.”
– Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 2
When the individual feels, the community reels.”
– Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 6

A short story in pictures
Once upon a time the ‘Goodbye’ citizens got bored with their forever summer land
and they decided to create a micro-climate inside their land in order to have the same experience as the citizens in the winter land

so they created cold and snow and they made snow hills 
in order to enjoy winter activities  such as skiing ,  making  ice sculptures
 playing with huge snow balls
ski9and having a proper christmas tree as  their fellow citizens in the winter land

“Our world is not the same as Othello’s world. You can’t make flivvers without steel-and you can’t make tragedies without social instability. The world’s stable now. People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get.”
– Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 16


Merry Christmas to everyone !!

Καλά Χριστούγεννα σε όλους σας  !!