Amsterdam : New Hype Sightseeing

If someone was asking me which is my favourite city in Europe, the answer would be Amsterdam. The reason is simple and straightforward, it’s a humane city with all the weaknesses and strengths that this characteristic entails.


In Amsterdam at the moment, there are some new sightseeing  and if someone wants to be and feel  cool , he/she must visit them.

The new Anna Frank Museum is at the top of the list, taking into consideration the two new books, the new museum and the upcoming new film. Average waiting time, one and half hours in the queue. Not too bad!



Some years ago  AF  museum was located in the High Street, now in the same premise is  the museum of Amsterdam . (Pic. above).


P1100074Rijksmuseum entrance – restaurant and shop.


Night Watch by Rembrandt.

Rijsksmuseum : The building’s refurbishment is super with first class restaurant-quality and service deserve many stars. The art exhibition  is unique from Vermeer to Rembrandt and the coolest thing is that you can take photos of anything you like! You can take pictures of Rembrandt’s Night Watch and make it yours! How cool is that?

For coffee or lunch,  my old-time favourite  “Cafe Americain” at Leidseplein is a constant value.





Tilting buildings.P1100149

The area with the canals  including the Vondelpark are the most expensive properties.


And the new hype in town is the new self-service of hot food. I think this is super idea! No talking, no queues, no waiting, just the right coins and there you are, with a sausage or croquettes in your hands.

When I’m talking about Amsterdam for some reason comes to my mind the lyrics of the song “A windmill in Old Amsterdam” –

-They sang every morning, “How lucky we are
-Living in a windmill in Amsterdam, ya!”

IMG_5884“In the month of July” by Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriel – Rijksmuseum

And don’t forget to buy the  hype memorabilia:

If you are collector, like me, the Starbuck city mug.


and the delft porcelain Christmas ornaments.


Christmas is coming!