From Print to Ebook : The Digitisation Process



Do you remember the vinyl records, how awful, large and awkward were and how difficult was to find a proper storage or later the CDs and even the DVDs?  The latter are still being used by some oldies (40+) though!

I’m sure, we all remember with nostalgia all the music gadgets of the past and at the same time, we feel a relief having all our music, movies and books stored in one place.

Of course , for many people the print books are a norm and they don’t want even to think about this monster who eats  and converts them to digital. They still hang on them like fetish, being  unable to admit that the print books belong to the past.

Any way, it’s matter of time to realise it. All the big libraries are using  state of the art  technology in order to convert their print collection into digital one. For the simple reason,  it is more convenient and cost-effective. Although, some time soon they have to come to terms with the copyright issues. The Copyright law is still pending!

If you have one of those print books –  in my case ” Johnny and Me”-and you want to keep it as memorabilia without destroying the bound copy.


This scanner can do the job, but you have to do the scanning manually page by page.


This state of the art scanner – quite similar to Gutenberg’s invention – is used by all the Digital Centres, Libraries for the digitisation process.


The print book  is placed in the middle and a huge divider – a robot like – is moving up and down, turning the pages and at the same time scanning them.


On the PC screen, you can see the quality of the scanned page and adjust properly with the help of a software. The next step is to convert the text , usually and  most convenient,   into Epub file and  insert all the information about the book (metadata) in order to be  archived and searchable on the  internet…




In one hour, a whole book of 300 pages can be scanned and stored in digital form in the PC.


After the above process, which can take no more than one day for in-house use and around 2 weeks to upload on iTunes, you can store your Ebook in your virtual library on the screen of your iPhone and start developing your personal library on your mobile.  Easy peasy lemon squizzy! No need for bookcases, no need for bigger space in the house, no dust and ready to open and read it at your convenience.

But unfortunately until finishing this post something else came up on the news! And the above “state of the art scanner”  looks now so out of date!!

This is the ultimate fun scanner for now ! I don’t know for tomorrow….

Touchscreen interface for seamless data transfer between the real and virtual worlds #DigInfo



How to ebooks in the library

How to find ebooks among the fellow print books in the library? Here you are! The dummies are not only for displaying the pret-a-porter at the shop windows.


Strolling around the library,one dummy is popping out!


Calling you TRY Me! This little matrix sign/barcode is the QR code which brings you wonders when you scan it with your iPhone. Make sure you have already downloaded the QR application.


Open the QR application and start scanning…


In few minutes you have the whole book on the screen of your iPhone…


in the following 5 minutes you are already in page 15 !!


Time to sit down  and read the rest of your ebook by sipping your cappuccino somewhere cool!

Mobile novels and other stories about books


The Amazon’s Kindle looks pale in comparison to the mobile books.  The reader doesn’t  need to carry an extra apparatus such as the Kindle but using his mobile phone. As I was browsing  around the books in Abu Dhabi International Book fair (part of the Frankfurt Book Fair)I came across a mobile books stand named BlackBetty multimedia publishing company. The man in the stand explained to me that his company developed a converged publishing concept wich enables companies, advertising and marketing agencies as well as publishing houses to presents contents and trademarks on customized mobile screens. So far in Europe the concept of the mobile books is limited to their  promotion such as  sending sms with the book’s title and their reviews. Going back home and searching about the subject I realized that  in Japan the mobile phone novel is an established market. Half of the top ten selling works of fiction  are composed on mobile phones. One book, Koizora (Love Sky) about high-school girl zapanesewho is bullied, raped, becomes pregnant has sold more than 1.2. million copies since being released. Another book Moshimo Kimiga (420.000 copies) starting with instalments uploaded to an internet site and sent to thousand of young subscribers! The Arab book market is growing very slowly but with this new invention perhaps the new generation of Arabs will find more attractive and easy to upload a novel and start to read  wherever they are.


P.S.  Αυτή η υποσημείωση είναι για ένα δέμα που έλαβα τις προάλλες και ήταν πράγματι μια έκπληξη για μένα. Γιατί μέσα στο δέμα ήταν δύο βιβλιαράκια αφιερωμένα στα δύο μου Αλβιονάκια και συγγραφέας αυτού ήταν μια καλή φίλη και ‘ευεργέτης’  η Αγγελική Παπαδοπούλου η οποία εκτός απο υπεύθυνη εκδοτικού οίκου και δημοσιογράφος είναι και συγγραφέας παιδικών βιβλίων. Ο τίτλος του βιβλίου είναι ‘ο Λύκος που δεν ήθελε να είναι πια Κακός’ εκδόσεις Φερενίκη.kakoslikos1-1

Ενα καταπληκτικό , ευρηματικό γεμάτο χιουμορ βιβλίο γύρω από το εκδοτικό χώρο με καταπληκτικά σκίτσα του Κώστα Μητρόπουλου πεθερού της Αγγελικής. Τα Αλβιονάκια μου κατενθουσιάστηκαν γιατί εκτός ότι τουs άρεσε η υπόθεση που είναι εντελώς ανατρεπτική, είχαν την ευκαιρία να πάρουν μέρος και αυτά στην ιστορία, ζωγραφίζοντας τον εαυτό τους ανάμεσα στα καταπληκτικά σκίτσα του κ. Μητρόπουλου. 

kakoslikos2Τώρα που διάβασα το δικό της ‘πόνημα’ καταλαβαίνω γιατί της άρεσε το δικό μου βιβλίο, αυτό το στοιχείο το ανατρεπτικό με το ‘παράξενο’ χιούμορ  μας έφερε κοντά. Αγγελική συγχαρητήρια.

The future of story telling

After the very advanced and innovative performance of FreejFolk, I got a hint or better a feeling about the future of story telling. This feeling was confirmed with another glimpse to the story about MIT’s MediaLab plan to team up with a new movie studio in Massachusetts to create the storytelling technology of the future.  I would like to make  a parenthesis here , in order to give my personal impression about the Media Lab and its researchers whom I found the most bright and creative people I’ve come across  (they have an ability to see  things from a quite different angle from the rest of us ) of course the source of the inspiration  is one of  the co founder of the Lab ,the most handsome Greek man I’ve ever met Nicholas Negreponte (this opinion is totally unbiased and it is irrelevant of his nationality 😉 ) the founder of the one laptop per child.

The following story is made by the reporter of  ‘the American Weekend’ Sean Cole who went to look into MIT’s media lab and  instead of doing a radio report about it, he wrote a sci-fi movie-type drama. Here you are then, with some very interesting lines from his script about the future of the story telling which absolutely fit with my afterwards thoughts about the aforementioned performance.

(In order of appearance)
MAD GENIUS: David Kirkpatrick :

VOICE OVER: My whole life is about the story. When I’m not workin’, I like to work. And when I’m not doin’ that, I like to kick back with a book and a dame, in that order. So when I heard that the Mad Genius was coming up with new-fangled ways of telling stories, I got the wiggles. His real name’s David Kirkpatrick. I found him holed up in an old factory in Plymouth, Mass. His office was all decked out with inspirational quotes on the walls. J.D. Salinger… Joni Mitchell… and a New York Times headline from an article about him.

VOICE OVER: The future!

MAD GENIUS: And the future will have picture palaces that will be 3D or 5D, including holograms, including what we’ll laughingly call back in 60’s Smell-O-Vision. It will be a complete immersive experience

REPORTER: So it won’t be just, like, looking at a wall with moving pictures on it….

MAD GENIUS: It’ll be on your lap. It’ll be kissing you and touching you. That’s where we’re headed.

REPORTER: Why do we need that?

MAD GENIUS: I don’t know that we need it. It’s what we want…...


 REPORTER: I knew robots were devious!

DIRECTOR OF MIT’S MEDIA LAB: Well, but robots can be romantic. These robots may actually be better at reading our feelings and reading our faces than even an actor would be.

VOICE OVER: Nothing against actors. Moss loves cinema. But he knows he’s a dying breed. Bite-sized media has taken over entertainment — what the Mad Genius Kirkpatrick would call “snack culture.” And then I had a dramatic epiphany!

VOICE OVER: These guys weren’t trying to kill long-form storytelling… they were trying to save it!


 TIM: Hey which do you think we’ll have first, a black president or a robot president?

[Tim’s girlfriend doesn’t respond]

VOICE OVER: It’s a little dated now. But it’s also prescient. In the age of YouTube and Facebook, Swanberg says, people are less interested in long form stories because they’re more interested in themselves.

REBEL FILMMAKER: That is the true threat of the movie going experience. It’s not self centered enough. When I look at the future landscape of movies what I see is not one movie that everyone goes to see I see each person having their own movie that nobody goes to see.

VOICE OVER: Maybe. But the mad genius says “c’est la vie.” If that’s the way we’re headed, let’s embrace it. As long as the story survives.

You can find the whole script at :

enjoy it.

My new digital book-Amazon Kindle

At last I got in my hands on the first digital book. Many years ago when I was writing my master’s thesis , my subject for my research was digital books, internet etc. I remember then, I was passionate about the subject, but somehow back in my mind I had my doubts about the realization of all the project. My main worry was the screen how it will be possible to read something like a book in a pc screen which is quite tiring .

But holding this small book (Amazon Kindle) in the size of paperback and looking at the screen all my worries disappeared. It looks and read like a paper and can hold 200 non-llustrated titles, newspapers and magazines.You can download content from Amazon in the proprietary Kindle format(AZW) and Amazon offers an email-based service that will convert HTML, DOC (Microsoft Word), PDF, JPEG, GIF.. documents to AZW. You can select reading material (newspapers) through the Kindle or through a computer at Amazon Kindle store. It is delivered wireless so you don’t need to make any provision.


my 'fetish' when i'm writing

my fetish when i'm writing

The only drawback perhaps is holding it. I would prefer more space (handle) from the left side.
I am looking forward to see ‘Johnny and Me’ as a digital book !
Hooray Hooray the dreams never end    😉