3 Artworks in 3 Venues, Athens #Documenta 14


National Museum of Contemporary Art, Syngrou Avenue,  Athens


Cecilia Vicuna, Quipu Womb (The story of the Red Thread, Athens) (2017) Dyed Wool

This monumental, immersive poem in space exemplified the merging of Cecilia Vicuna’s material instincts as a visual artist with the visceral lyricism of her writing.

She presents a “quipped”, paying homage to the ancient, pre-Columbian art of the quipu – a form of writing involving intricate knotting patterns. This particular quipu consists of giant strands of untreated wool, which have been sources from a local Greek provider and dyed a startling crimson red of honour of a syncretic religious tradition that-via the umbilical cord of menstrual symbolism-connects an Andean mother goddesses with the maritime mythologies of ancient Greece


Benaki Museum, Pireos street, Athens



Sergio Zevallos :A war Machine. First Part: Fluid  Mechanics (2017).

Polystyrene sheets intervened with pigment graphite and shellac, polystyrene, acrylic, glass, plastic, metal, pigment, graphite, shellac, prints and organic materials and wooden frame


Athens Conservatoire, Rigillis Street, Athens


Pelagie Gbaguidi : The Missing Link, Dicolonisation Education by Mrs Smiling Stones (2017)

Schools desks, photographs, glassine paper sheets, drawings with colored pencil, microphone stand, earth and lipstick on paper, digital video.

Photographs by Dr. Peter Magubane

How might education contribute to purge from consciousness that the rest no under-bid but that the birth of a life is a value in itself. That every human has a right to a cradle.