Liverpool was a really revelation for me, a city which I had closely associated with my favourite band, the Beatles!  And it is obviously  the city’s pride and product of promotion: The Beatles statues are right in the front of the city’s Pier Head(pic.1). Searching around I found some interesting facts about the city such as : During 19th century the wealth of Liverpool exceeded that of London because of the cotton and slavery trade. The status of the city was enhanced by having its  own Whitehall.  It was the registry port of the ship ‘Titanic’. This fact is connected with Adelphi Hotel’s lounge in the city centre which was an imitation of the Titanic lounge (pic.2). The city as a major port and access to the Atlantic trade  has well established communities such as Nordic, Jewish, Greek, German and the oldest Chinese community. In the recent years there is a considerable redevelopment of the city. One of the new buildings, which I found that is fabulously blended with the rest  of historical buildings of the city,  is the Open Eye Gallery constructed by the RCA architects (pic.3). It was a real eye-catching from every corner someone was looking at it (pic.3,4,5).


Beatles statues at the Pier Head (pic. 1)img_2602

Adelphi Hotel (pic.2)img_2546

Open Eye Gallery (pic.3)





Hanover Street : This small architectural detail (the extended small box room) gives an interesting and entertaining view of the street.


Mathew street  is one of many tourist attractions related to The Beatles, and the location of Europe’s largest annual free musical festivals.img_2640

The Royal Liver Buildingimg_2651

The China Town.

img_2613Liverpool’s Tate Gallery

At the moment there is the  Liverpool Biennial 2016  which actually finishes today 16 October. The theme of this Biennial explores fictions, stories and histories, taking viewers on a series of voyages through time and space : Ancient Greece, Chinatown, Children’s Children’s Episode, Software, Monuments from the Future and Flashback.