Miami Art Deco

The idea for this post has been triggered by the recent Art Basel Miami Beach art fair that it’s taking place at the moment (3-6 Dec.)  at South Beach, Miami’s fabulous art deco district.  Travis Cohen writes about South Beach that  “it  was reborn in Art Deco. After the vicious hurricane of September 1926, which utterly razed the city, wrought havoc, and left some 400 dead, Miami Beach saw a building boom that lasted the better part of 20 years. That era of rebuilding focused primarily on resurrecting the fledgling resort community in the chic new style that had come out of the 1925 Paris Exposition Internationale des Artes Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, which would be shortened simply to ‘Art Deco.'”

I was pleasantly surprised by seeing this beautiful iconic art deco area of Miami and I’m not sure that these photos will depict the real  picture and atmosphere of the South Beach district.


Ocean Drive, South Beach.


Ocean Drive.


Lincoln Road.


The Church is situated in the middle of the Lincoln road mall.


Lincoln Road.


The art deco architecture goes hand in hand with the fabulous Miami pastel hues.




Lincoln road.





The beach is fabulous with the white sand!

IMG_6921The famous Miami Beach Broadwalk. It seemed to me that the only concern of those people who were running up and down the Broadwalk in extraordinary fit bodies were ‘how to Jogging properly’!

Miami is fabulous and I think the secret of its recipe is the influence of the Cuban culture. This laid back and friendly atmosphere in an American context is a good combination. The alarming point is that despite this city has red flag concerning the floods there is no precaution about the future and the threats that the global warming poses on these cities, which are a few feet above the sea level!

p.s If you like some more Miami art deco architecture myy friend Despina has done good job on her blog! Enjoy it!