Greeks Deserve Respect

Love my compatriots. They are really tough lot! Despite all the terror from all the sides -the Creditors and all the Greek mass media- bullying them constantly with banks shut for a week and perhaps more and with no really light at the end of the tunnel, I can say, more hardship is yet to come, they decided to stand up against any terror.

The first results of the Referendum ( the question was : do you accept the austerity measures of the Eurozone ):

61 % No

38 % Yes

There will be more drama and more hardship to come but for tonight : JUST RESPECT!

2 thoughts on “Greeks Deserve Respect

  1. Any fair judgment of this issue shows that the financial markets were bullying the Greek people. However, If this result holds, to me it only proves the character of the people of Greece and their courage in the face of adversity. This was a scam perpetrated by the European financial community, who felt that they could bully Greece into an unacceptable deal for the overwhelming majority of the Greek people.. The entire austerity movement has been a greedy grab for power and money from its inception. It also has proven to be a failure falling on the backs of those less able to protect themselves. As I outlined here:

    We should all cheer the Greek people for their courage under fire and for their sense of doing the right thing for their country. This news makes my day so much better and should for most of the world’s citizens.

  2. I think the numbers are constant now. I feel so proud of them! Still there are more tough times to come but today we have to celebrate their real courage! Thank you !

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