The Old Greek Chumocracy comes to an end

“Our democracies are increasingly captured by a ruling class that seeks to perpetuate its privileges.” Steve Hilton, the former advisor of David Cameron writes in his new book and as an insider and ex-chum of the British elite  knows very well what he writes about.

The chumocracy  doesn’t happen only in the ‘best families’ (see Britain),  it was the main ingredient of the Greek Society and the main reason of the existing unprecedented Media war against the new government (Syriza). What actually they want to say  is  ”Heeeeelp us , we are losing our privileges!”.  The two political parties – Pasok and New Democracy were exchanging power for years and years. The MPs had their own friendly Media executives, journalists authors… All of them were attending the same parties, dinners and other social events in the small circle of Athens and through this socializing one chum was helping the other chum to go up the ladder  of success in their particular field.

The Greek journalist and Authors -in general the Greek  intelligentsia whose theoretical job was to challenge those with political power  they remained silent all those years as formidable members “my big fat Greek fan party”.



The Greek powerful elite followed exactly the three strategies that  Steve Hilton writes about in order to remain in power.

1. First they convince us that what is good for them is good for us all.

2. Anything that challenges their position will be fatal for the prospects of the country.

3. They persuade us that the real enemies are those at the bottom of the pile.

Concerning the latter, one of the  Greek authoress and part of the chumocracy – also assistant professor in the University of Athens (a post very difficult to get in if you don’t have a good connection)- had attacked on the social media one  of the youngest of the bottom pile who refused to pay the bus ticket  and she referred him as “sponger”. She tried to twist and repel her own bullying but it was too late. The bottom of the pile was too angry.

The more the shoutings and swearing on the Greek Social Media from the old group of chumocracy against the government  the more is the reassurance of the dismantling the old establishment  of journalists, foreign correspondents, media communicators, authors…

At the end of the day, this is a step forward for the Greek society.






Things are happening for a reason

“Things are happening for a reason”  my auntie Eftalia was saying to soothe us when we were under pain or discomfort due to life’s unlucky circumstances. Until she died and she took her secret with her. We never found out what was this bloody reason for our occasional incidences of suffering throughout the years.

This age of austerity brings to my mind the famous auntie’s phrase, there must be a reason for all this suffering and I think, I have unlocked the secret code for the reason of the austerity.



If there weren’t austerity how some anonymous would be able to buy Picasso’s “messy” painting to show off in their private drawing rooms and take immense satisfaction not so much from the view of the picture but from their glimpse in the surprised and envious faces of their visitors, in other words to satisfy his/her “Vanity Unlimited”?

If there weren’t austerity how  London would be able to be a no-no city for the middle class families-let alone the lower middle class- with an average salary?

If there weren’t austerity how could be able the global élite to exist – born rich, bankers, hi-tech internet wizard kids et al. – meet up all together at the exclusive resorts of Switzerland   and discuss about the hazards of the increasing gap between rich and poor either people or countries?

If there weren’t austerity how could be able the bankers to go from strength to strength and support the super power Merkel’s party? It’s what the Greeks say “κράτα με να σε κρατώ ν’ ανεβούμε στο βουνό – holding me tight to climb up to the mountain”.

If there weren’t austerity how then a leftist party would be able to come into power  in the most strangled by the austerity country, Greece? If there weren’t austerity maybe the Left wouldn’t never have the opportunity to reconsider its role and value  in the society and how to serve the needs of the real people. The Left has been haunted by its past, they weren’t able to see through and serve the needs of the ordinary people. It’s in the human soul the need to excel and make something better and yes, we (human beings) are not all the same and for that reason we have to give  a sort of platform to stand to those who are less fortunate in terms of intelligence, resources and cunningness.   It’s a big breakthrough what it’s happening at the moment for the role of the Left and Socialist in the society despite the huge attempt to strangle every effort of the Syriza’s leaders. The party leaders are a kind of traitors for the insiders – the well off, the cowards, the suspicious and scared Greeks – and the outsiders (the well off leaders of Europe).

The Greek Finance Minister with all his faults and weakness  with his comment “I cannot sign something that it will be disastrous for the Greeks” in the latest negotiation with the Eurogroup adds  a moral value in the human relationships and signals the importance of the innate human moral compass.

I cannot agree more with what Antonio Munoz Molina said “I have spent a great deal of my life being part of minorities. Some of the people I admire the most in the world have had the courage to defend, against wind and tide, minority viewpoints in those frightening times when any disagreement with universal conformity is identified as treason.”