Give something back to the world : Free #Ebooks

tumblr_mydc34bfV91rqx86wo1_1280“Give something back to the world” was one of the 10 tips that the headmistress gave, in her last speech before her departure, to the girls in my daughters’ school in order to lead a good life. I found this tip quite inspirational despite the rest nine were quite interesting and some funny ones.
“Δώσε κάτι πίσω στο κόσμο” ήταν μία από τις 10 συμβουλές για καλή ζωή , που έδωσε η διευθύντρια  του σχολείου των κοριτσιών μου στον τελευταίο λόγο της προς όλα τα κορίτσια, πριν αναχωρήσει για το επόμενο πόστο της. Αυτή τη συμβουλή την βρήκα πολύ εμπνευσμένη παρότι και οι υπόλοιπες εννέα ήταν ενδιαφέρουσες και μερικές αστείες.

1 – Don’t grow up too quickly/Μη μεγαλώσετε γρήγορα.
2 – Eat vegetables./Τρώτε λαχανικά.
3 – Stay curious and always keep a sense of perspective ( that might be 2 half things…)/Να είστε περιέργες και και να διατηρείτε μια αίσθηση προοπτικής.
4 – Work hard but also be prepared to rock the boat (very wise, very cool!)/ Δουλεύετε σκληρά αλλά πάντα να είστε έτοιμες να ταρακούνησετε τα λιμνάζοντα νερά.
5 – Don’t ever, ever have to combine the words ‘if’ and ‘only’/Ποτέ μα ποτέ δεν πρέπει να συνδυάζετε το “εάν και μόνο”.
6 – Wear sensible footwear (except perhaps if you get given a pair of Laboutins for Christmas! Then that rule simply does not apply!)/Να φοράτε αναπαυτικά παπούτισα (εκτός αν σας έχουν δώσει ένα ζευγάρι Laboutins για τα Χριστούγεννα!Τότε αυτός ο κανόνας δεν ισχύει.
7 – Never worry too much about your appearance. It’s what’s inside that really counts/Ποτέ μην ανησυχείτε πολύ για την εμφάνισή σας. Ο εσωτερικός σας κόσμος είναι που μετράει.
8 – Treasure your friends. They will ALWAYS be there for you/Να φυλάτε τις φιλίες σας σαν θησαυρό. Αυτοί θα είνα πάντα εκεί για σας.
9 – Give something back to the world/Δώστε κάτι πίσω στον κόσμο.
10 – And quite a lot in life can be made better by dancing and singing(the singing is mine)/Και πολλά στη ζωή μπορούν να καλυτερέψουν με το χορό και το τραγούδι(το τελευταίο είναι δικό μου).

As I was inspired from this particular tip, I decided to keep my promise #GiveEBooks and released another 10 codes for each of my books.

Eμπνεύστηκα λοιπόν από αυτή την συμβουλή της και αποφάσισα να κρατήσω την υπόσχεσή μου #GiveEbooks. Ιδού λοιπόν, άλλοι 10 κωδικοί για να κατεβάσετε ελεύθερα 10 αντίτυπα από το κάθε βιβλίο μου.

Penelope Online
4. 4T663EK99P33
6. 9LK77FEJ66P7

Tζόνι κι Εγώ
3. K3XY747HEX6K

Σας εύχομαι να περάσετε σούπερ τώρα τις γιορτές. Kαι μην ξεχνάτε  the closing line of Philip Larkin’s poem “what will survive of us is love”.

We cannot move on without young people

The phrase “think globally, act locally” has been used by different groups such as environmentalist and business executives to care or build something locally and move later to global growth.  But now the Millennials, the generation  born between  1982 and 2003 , around the world are giving the phrase an entirely new meaning as they pursue their efforts to change the world and most of the times putting their own life at risk. The latter is the proof of the sincerity of their actions. They are risking even their own life in order to achieve what they believe is good not only for themselves but also for the society where they belong. The examples are bold and global :

images-1Malala in Pakistan :  The  Pakistani schoolgirl who stood up to the Taliban and defended her right to an education. Malala was brave and her fight was more straightforward. She was a female in underdeveloped country and she was fighting for education against Taliban. People in the West were eager to support her and to encourage the rest by giving her the Nobel prize of peace.

cd6a04e2-7cb0-11e4-9a86-00144feabdc0Joshua Wong in Hong Kong : The most radical of Hong Kong protesters to secure democracy. He went on hunger strike to urge the government to hold talks on Beijing political reforms. He wrote.”The people of my generation want what everybody else in an advanced society seems to have : a say in our future. And on twitter : “Fanny Law : Please tell your friend, he can move to a place without the Communist party, but he cannot move to a place without young people”. His supporters say “his movement succeeded because the students now have the fire of democracy burning in their  heart which will not be quenched by the iron fist of Beijing”.

assets_LARGE_t_420_54161256Nikos Romanos  in Greece : the young boy who was only 15 years old  when his friend was murdered in cold blood by a policeman  and died in his arms  in the centre of Athens. He is labeled as an  anarchist and according to his own view and letters to the public he accepts this role.  At the moment, he is in the prison and on hunger strike demanding educational leave in order to continue his studies. Nikos Romanos has more difficult role and status. He is struggling with an unknown combatant. He cannot articulate enough his struggle  because of his youth and the tricky environment he is in. He lives in a democratic country in the West where the bankocracy,  which goes hand in hand with  kleptocracy and  corruption, is the real master. Nonetheless, he managed to move more than 10.000 people , who marched in the centre of Athens, two days ago, in order to support him and his demands.

Despite the sadness and anxiety I had and have for the life of the above kids, I cannot hide my admiration for their Courage. And I can say  for sure that our future will be much brighter than we think.