S for Spirit and Summer

“Art makes the impossible possible” I don’t remember who said this  but it was so spot on at that time when I went to see the exhibition about  The Lost Album of Dennis Hopper  at Royal Academy of Arts in London.  Watching the short imagesvideo/scene of his film “Easy Rider” where Peter Fonda is throwing  away his watch  and hitting the road  on his motorbike  with his mate (Dennis Hopper ) heading to the American desert, I fell overwhelmed and nostalgic about the sense of freedom that gives  you the motorbike riding. I was one of those who was riding motorbikes  for long time and  relatively a big one-Yamaha 125 cc. Still I remember this sense of immense freedom and exhilaration when I was riding it, mainly during the summer months, the speed and the air in my face were so uplifting!  I remember as well the constant shadow of fear that was accompanying me in every journey, until one day  it surrendered me and I ended up on a  4 wheel carrier.

Dennis Hopper’s exhibition triggered something inside me, a feeling of rebellion to do something different as the song’s lyrics in the Easy Rider say “…But I’ve never touched nothing’ That my spirit couldn’t kill…”

Still there is a spirit somewhere inside me and perhaps this Summer I will try again to do something different, something out of the norms. Perhaps, I will switch off all the social media, which I believe are a constant source of information recycling  and full of fear for doing something different and out of the box, and I will go for a ride on a motorbike to feel again the sense of freedom and a kind of rebellion against the daily routine of fabricated or not bad news, either these are about the economic crisis or about terrorism all over the world.

And I’m proposing to you to do the same, try something that you have never done before or in my case, something that it is quite exciting. Deactivate your accounts in every social and working environment and feel this freedom of a motorbike rider heading to somewhere without destination and try to dig up your hidden spirit.

Have a great Summer !