Plane spotter

Some years ago, if somebody was referring to the plane spotters I was laughing at them. Even I remembered very well, the case of the British plane spotters in Greece and their ordeal in the courtroom. At that time, I didn’t feel any sympathy at all, just left all the work  on Stelios Hajioannou who explained in a very wise manner  that he was the only Greek person who knows about this hobby and no matter how autistic orientated it seems to be, it is a real hobby.

Those days have gone without return, the circumstances are changing and I have learnt my lesson : Never say Never!

After uncountable  hours spending in the airports halls, having  long flight delays and waiting to be transferred from one to another airplane, instead of spending money and effort to buy all these duty (Un)free goods-somehow in the airports someone feels no man’s land and consequently the credit card has no bank registration. Everything is on the air and so the credit card.- I decided to take up a hobby as plane spotter since I found quite fascinating all the business with the aircrafts. I’m not sure if I will write down the plane numbers but still feel excited seeing the logos of the different airlines.




South Africa Airlines & Thai Airlines



Manchester football club private jet





Ancf : Asian Nature Conservation Foundation



British Airways


Aegean Airlines


Virgin Atlantic :double decker!


Norwegian Air Shuttle


China Airlines. Cute!





P.S. :I’ll be back with some more in the near future. Who would have thought this! I think, I will add my method to this link :