Strolling around Plaka, Athens

“We are what we repeatedly do” Aristotle.One sunny day of February, I was back in Athens and I was strolling around Plaka, Athens. Years and years the same pilgrimage, back to my home town and strolling around the same places again and again. Never tired doing so! And every time, I’m discovering something new.

Old houses have been renovated smartly and with care, taking into consideration the environment!


In every step around this area ,the visitor will come across of different archaeological monuments :The Tower of Winds.


Another house nicely renovated. I’m sure the group of Atenistas who painted the stairs in Kolonaki had never noticed what colours have been used so far in renovating old places in Athens, or they were newly arrived immigrants from Brazil bringing with them tones of paint.



The museum of Greek folk music instruments.


Lysicrates Monument

It is supposed to be the most expensive address in Athens -Dionysou Areopagitou st.- with a view of 3000 years of history & glory-Parthenon.

Whatever is going on, there  is always a table in the sun and a friend to talk to by drinking your coffee. This is Greece for you!


Lycabettus hill :  View from the upper floor of the Acropolis Museum

At the entrance of the Acropolis Museum the excavations are still on.Nothing stops the archaeologists.The treasures to be found are still innumerable.


At the Acropolis museum restaurant with the most beautiful view and the simplest food which is equally gorgeous.

Still, I remember the taste the cheese pie in the picture below! The whole secret was hidden in the making of the philo.


P1080996The museum has beautiful and exclusive presents!

The nice necklace is made of silk and in various combination of colours.

And a nice tote bag(pic. below) with the picture of Athena in order to make a difference -a cultural one  😉