Speak vs Roar

The news headlines are changing in an unprecedented way in our “Internet” times and surrounding the one and only constant  denominator, the financial crisis.  The facts can be translated by  the politicians, journalists, bloggers and everyone who has a voice through the social media according to their own political views and their own view about life in general.

One of the latest news, in Greece, was the  deadly “magali”, a self-made coal heater which some Greek  students used to heat their sleeping room.  Some people from the above groups were judgmental against the students describing them as fool and ignorant using this kind of heater. The reaction of the majority was an outcry against this criticism.

It is obvious, there are two mainstream views in the countries which have been affected badly by the economic crisis, especially Greece. The one view is  : Let’s carry on with the existing western political  system, the liberal capitalism, which wasn’t really fully developed in Greece but has affected the country greatly and for the worse. The other view is : There is no other view really! Except of supporting theoretically the underprivileged class without a sound theses of “how to do it”. How to lead the country out of the crisis.  It’s a view based mainly on moral issues. And which, I believe, is enough in the existing situation to stand by itself.

The Liberal Capitalism flourished in the previous decades and cultivated the laissez fair system of the banks, the Lehman brothers, the Maddox phenomenon… Generally, it supported the tribalism  among the people who are better educated, better connected and more canning than the others. The same people, of course, in nowadays are not suffering the disastrous consequences of this system. They managed once again to be on top of the tsunami wave and they are  preaching now through the mass media how good thing is to be liberal- “filele” according to  Greeks( still, we kept our sense of humour).

At the same time, they are giving examples of how well off are the countries which have adopted this system and how quickly recovered from the crisis. Examples, which most of the time are out of context- the history, the socioeconomic background of those countries. They speak arrogantly and advertise their motto “we want to be the solution and not part of the problem”.

I’m wondering if they really know what is the problem? What is the reality? Do they know that there are people who didn’t have their own privilege background, their “comme il faut” mediocre education, their canniness, their connections … even their average IQ?

Do they understand that the world is moving to a different era than that of harshness and arrogance? Do they understand that they need to cultivate  their emotional IQ ? Did they understand why Obama was elected once again, despite the acute financial crisis?  Did they understand why the Americans didn’t elect Romney and rejected his legendary harsh statement ” let’s make America to roar again”?

People want to speak  and communicate in a human way among each other at the most. It seems to me that only this nerdy boy Mark Zuckerberg got the essence of the modern world. People want to communicate and share thoughts in a human way not to be patronised by the “average” cliques who want to climb the success lader no matter what is the impact on the rest.

The following youtube (aki) is totally irrelevant with the above but it’s my latest trend.