Grace Kelly exhibition: a blockbuster

Grace Kelly exhibition in Astana was really a blockbuster. It was one of the best I have ever attended. The same exhibition took place, some time ago, at the Victorian & Albert Museum in London and now makes the tour around the world. Prince Albert was present for the inauguration (without Charlene). The latter, simple fact(and others…), makes me think that no woman can replace his “goddess”mother!

The exhibition took place in Pyramid, Astana.

At the entrance, her huge portrait was dominated.

In this photo, the  similarities between Prince Albert and Grace are obvious.

It seems to me (as you will see and other photos below) that all the real “glam”personalities  appeared during the period of sixties.

Yul Brunner’s letter to Grace.

The section with all her dresses was really a feast in our eyes.

I am proud of having a copy of her purple dress 😉

She was wearing this dress when she had a big reception with other royalties..Princess Aga Khan was second best after Grace.

Hmmm, I’ m not sure…Grace is more pretty but Jackie has something different…

Hope you enjoyed it, without spending and getting into trouble whatsoever. For that reason the dedicated bloggers (like me) exist 🙂

Fur and Feather

The place to be in Astana during the weekends is the the big retail market which is outside from the city centre. If you need a hat or a mink coat, this is the place! Interestingly, I didn’t notice any animal friend activist around the area? Perhaps, they are too busy doing their activism in the Sloane Square, London. The temperature in Tselinograd starts to drop dangerously, below zero. The only thing that will save us, I think, is the glorious sun of Kazakhstan. In anyway, it’s always the sun…

After you get what you want -either hat, mink coat or carpet-you catch the bus for the way back. This is what we call :the perfect assimilation 😉