Two Books in One iBookstore

Τώρα “Ο Τζόνι κι Εγώ” στην οθόνη σας (iPhone & iPad) μαζί με την “Πηνελόπη Οnline” στην τιμή μόνο των 5.99 Ευρώ.
Ανέβασα και τον Τζόνι σε ebook γιατί τα ελληνάκια μεταναστεύουν στην Άγρια Δύση (βλέπε Εδιμβούργο, Λονδίνο κ.α)
και σίγουρα θα χρειαστούν έναν οδηγό τσέπης σχετικά με το τί εστί Αγγλία.

Y.Γ1 Aν προσέξατε στην εικόνα, ακόμα και στις στέππες να βρίσκεστε μπορείτε να τα διαβάσατε.
Y.Γ2. Kαι αν δε σας αρέσει ούτε το ένα ούτε το άλλο, έχω και τρίτο στα σκαριά. Υπομονή 😛

Pyramid of Peace and reconciliation

If in Abu Dhabi the architects have fun then in Astana they have purpose. The latter is a capital of a country with a great deal of past and history and great future, something that the architects must take into consideration when they construct new buildings.
Sir Norman Foster has undertaken major architectural projects in the aforementioned cities and has proved already that he pays a great deal of attention to those elements (New Souk in Abu Dhabi and something total new as the UAE country: the Masdar city )
One of his new construction in Astana, the Pyramid which is called the Palace of peace and reconciliation, was constructed to host the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions. Foster has described the pyramid : “Dedicated to the renunciation of violence and the promotion of faith and human equality. It was one of those things that captures the imagination. We felt that if someone wants to bring together the world’s religions, that is something that is well worth doing at the moment”

The black colour of the underground floor sympolizes the underworld.

The theatre inside the pyramid where the conferences are taking place.

The white colour of the first floor sympolizes the real life.

Right in the center of the “white” floor you have the opportunity to stand and make any wish you like about financial, love, health and other miscellaneous worries… I didn’t miss the opportunity.

The Pyramid’s roof- where you look at when you make all your wishes – the picture of the Kazakhstan’s map.

Top floor : the circular desk for all the leader’s meeting.The exterior of the windows is decorated with white pigeons.

Sir Norman Foster +partners.
At the entrance in the underground floor, there is an exhibition of the pyramid’s designs as well as photos of president of kazakhstan, Kemal Ataturk and all the partners that took part in the construction.
You also have to be aware of the Ottoman, Silk Road, aspect of all this. Foster and Partners have collaborated with their Turkish colleagues Tabanlioglu Architecture. Their clients are the Turkish development and construction company Sembol. It is said that Turkish interests were instrumental in encouraging the president Nazarbayev to build the new capital.

Τhe architects’s doodles :It is interesting to mention that the Foster practice had done all kinds of buildings around the world, but nothing like this, in a climate that ranges from minus 40 degrees in winter to plus 40 in summer.Nelson one of the partner said “in a way, it’s a connoisseur’s building. Could we do something like that, very fast, in a more extreme situation than usual? There’s no point in just repeating things.”

Pyramid by night changes colours from white to


They say that Foster chose the pyramid shape because it is has no negative religious connotations but the pyramid (I’m contemplating) as concept is not irreverent to the country’s Soviet past.