Kate and Me : presents for the In-Laws:Special Issue

As you see, I’m trying hard to add value in this friendship with my fellow bloggers and followers of this blog. I never forget to carry with me my little Lumix and take interesting snapshots –Bloggers never sleep as the city of New York
This post could have a title :One day in London

The start of the day was a perfect festive Christmas start. Christmas Carols with the girls at the local church

Later, as I was browsing the shop windows I came across a very familiar person.For a second, I couldn’t work out where I know her. When I realized who is who, it was too late, her bodyguard said to her to turn her back

Her stature is quite impressive even from close up. I have to say, she had an anxious expression in her face. Who will not be in her case. Even me, I was anxious about my choice of presents for my in-laws.

Kate, I think, has a soft touch for bald men or bald to be..

On the way back, I bought two bunches of Mistletoe and I’ll hang outside the door waiting for Johnny.According to an ancient Christmas custom, a man and a woman who meet under a hanging of mistletoe were obliged to kiss 😉

P.S. Και με λίγα- όπως ένα κλαράκι απο ένα λουλούδι- μπορείτε να χαρείτε αυτές τις γιορτινές ημέρες !


4 thoughts on “Kate and Me : presents for the In-Laws:Special Issue

  1. 1. ολο αλλαζετε κατι στα μπλογκ σας και εγω σαν αδαης ολο και ψαχνω που να γραψω το σχολιο μου.
    2. γενικα ολο με τους ροιαλς συγχνωτιζεσαι αν ατον κοσμον..
    3. καλη διαμονη ., παραμονη.. και καλα να περασετε τις αγιες μερες ολοι μαζι.
    4. φιλια και χαιρετισματα απο το Μοναχο εν αναμονη χιονιου και χωρις σελεμπριτις!

    • Αγαπητή μου Μαργκώ, έχω βάλει το χριστουγεννιάτικο ντεκόρ λόγω ημερών. Αυτοί οι ροιαλς με ακολουθούν όπου και να παω όπως βλέπεις…
      Tώρα εκεί που είσαι θα είναι θαύμα με χριστουγεννιάτικες αγορές.. enjoy!

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