London Doors :Christmas Decoration

The Londoners pay particularly attention to their doors and decorate them appropriately during this time of the year. As I was strolling around town, I enjoyed seeing all this creative fever!

Enjoy the festive days! Kαλές Γιορτές σε όλους τους φίλους αυτού του blog !

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Kate and Me : presents for the In-Laws:Special Issue

As you see, I’m trying hard to add value in this friendship with my fellow bloggers and followers of this blog. I never forget to carry with me my little Lumix and take interesting snapshots –Bloggers never sleep as the city of New York
This post could have a title :One day in London

The start of the day was a perfect festive Christmas start. Christmas Carols with the girls at the local church

Later, as I was browsing the shop windows I came across a very familiar person.For a second, I couldn’t work out where I know her. When I realized who is who, it was too late, her bodyguard said to her to turn her back

Her stature is quite impressive even from close up. I have to say, she had an anxious expression in her face. Who will not be in her case. Even me, I was anxious about my choice of presents for my in-laws.

Kate, I think, has a soft touch for bald men or bald to be..

On the way back, I bought two bunches of Mistletoe and I’ll hang outside the door waiting for Johnny.According to an ancient Christmas custom, a man and a woman who meet under a hanging of mistletoe were obliged to kiss 😉

P.S. Και με λίγα- όπως ένα κλαράκι απο ένα λουλούδι- μπορείτε να χαρείτε αυτές τις γιορτινές ημέρες !