It’s All Greek to Me

Love Kate’s blog about her adventures in Greece! Follow the link and enjoy the Greek beauties and the way of living! Wrap me in phyllo dough

Mani: Discovering Tradition in the Furthest Corner of the Greek Mainland.

p.s all the photos are from Kate’s blog, the link is above

2 thoughts on “It’s All Greek to Me

  1. We visited Mani two summers ago and it was utterly beautiful and peaceful, even though it was packed with tourists! I’d highly recommend Mani to everyone 🙂
    Really pretty pics you’ve put here!

  2. Daisy, I’ve heard from many people that Mani is gorgeous place.
    p.s all the photos are from Kate’s blog, she is a top class blogger. Quite few of her posts are in the main page of the WordPress! The good thing is that she promotes the Greek land with a very nice way!

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