Flower Power :The Greek and the Rest

So here we are, the Greek flowers and the rest!  The pictures, from the Great Pavilion of the Chelsea flower show, are according to  my order of preference. The olive trees, the herbs and generally this micro environment reminds me my own country. Somehow, this can be translated into the  phrase  ‘I am biased’. From the other hand, who is not in this world? Who is not tending to have preference and inclination for something next to his/her heart or to close kinship?   If there is somebody, let me know and  I will change straight away the order of these photos.  Μoreover,  the tribalism is the 21st century  zeitgeist.

I will continue with the rest flower exhibition inside the Great Pavilion, which was equally  impressive with the above little Greek/Mediterannean corner.

The following 4 photos are from the Nong Nooch’s theatrical display entitled Fantastic Thailand-the Thai style floral arrangement.

Each structure is made of   flowers!

The elephants are covered  with million of small flower buds!


Different kinds of  Levadules

The Orchid Society
Various types of english roses.

The  hyacinths had filled the large Pavilion with their scents. As I found out in the Wikipedia : the hyacinth is sometimes associated with the rebirth.

Strawberries all over the place. Shame, I didn’t have a small basket with me.

Exotic flowers

 A detail from  the Greek corner. According to the advice of  the great essayists, the conclusion must  include a piece from the introduction 😉