Going Down Under for Coffee in Abu Dhabi style

The coolest coffee place in Abu Dhabi isn’t Arabic, neither European nor  American  but Australian, the famous chain of restaurants ‘Jones the Grocer’. The second shop of the chain in Abu Dhabi just opened in my neighborhood. What a joy! Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy my cup of Νespresso at home  but sometimes it is better to sιp your coffee at a place with a hype atmosphere with a ‘mix and match of people’ -high rank of Emirates and a high range of Expats. The exact recipe for inspiration for my next book.    And you know what?(my daughter’s key phrase). I like the name…

Neil, from South Africa and only just one month in Abu Dhabi, is the expert of the new Japanese coffee machine ‘Coffee Sypfon’- something equivalent of tea making.

He proposed me to try the Guatemala coffee beans and there you go, he started the project of making the coffee by using this Syphon. The whole preparation was around  10 min.+ . Not too bad, if you have guests around in the Kitchen table, it’s really  talking point. This hidden value is included in the price and it helps when everything else is an explosive subject.


It was a nice coffee but to say the truth, I preferred the Jone’s cappuccino. The secret is in the froth (pic.above).

All the baking is handmade  in front of your eyes for inspecting and learning

It’s a kind of delicatessen but in Australian standards, which means ‘huge’.

So See you there 😉 (some of you)

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  1. Marizaki! πόσο καιρό έχουμε να τα πούμε.. εχω ατονήσει βέβαια και εγώ με τα σχόλια, παρόλο που σε διαβάζω.. Ο Καφές είναι τέλειος ούτε στο φλοριάν της βενετίας δεν εχω δοκιμάσει τόσο ωραίο 😉

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