Show and Tell : Ideas for the Recession

The sixth need, which  Maslow really  missed to mention in his famous  ‘hierarchy of needs’,  is the woman’s handbag. It is universal acknowledged that a woman needs a handbag. Jonathan Jacobson, the Booker prize winner for 2010, had noticed this ‘extraordinary’ need and he claimed he is going to spend his £50,000 prize money on a handbag for his wife by saying “have you seen the price of handbags!!!”  Exactly for the above reason  I’ve got one of them (  in a quite reasonable price) with a’ rainbow colours’ to fit every occasion and every colour combination of my outfit. No need to buy a second one. Trust me, it is not bad idea and you are going to save a lot of money.

It is nice to have the newest and fancy  brand of equipment in you Kitchen, however,  if you’re really want to do a decent job with maximum efficiency you need a proper tool with the finest ergonomic design. This  1 Euro lemon squeezer ( in the picture) is the finest squeezer I’ve ever used. It has exactly the shape of a lemon, and you can get literally the last drop from the lemon. I found  it in a ‘bakaliko’ in Athens  12 years ago and so far  I’m carrying it wherever I live. As much as I’ve searched all these years, I couldn’t find a replacement anywhere. If you notice anything similar,  please let me know.

Flowers bring life into the house but at the same time it can be a quite expensive hobby.

An alternative is the toy elephants  (picture below) or something equivalent( it depends on your resourcefulness and sense of humour 😉 . They can replace flowers for a while by changing their position from now and then and creating a lively corner.

And last  but not least, get a proper picnic basket and feel a bit  posh by making picnic  somewhere nice , either this is in your garden or in the country. I am  pretty sure,  it  will cost you less than having dinner in a restaurant and you’re going to have more fun. It works as well as  as decorative object later.

Winter is coming  and we must be really resourceful  to enjoy life  !

p.s and most of all imaginative 😉

2 thoughts on “Show and Tell : Ideas for the Recession

  1. Στην αρχη λεω, η Πηνελοπη παιζει το παιχνιδι “τι εχετε εσα στην τσαντα σας”, μετα πεφτω στον λεμονοστιφτη και λεω, ελα Χριστε! Μετα διαβασα το κειμενο! Μια χαρα ιδεες εχεις καρδουλα. Ασε που μονο να μετατοπισεις κατι εκανες ντεκορ ρηντεφινισιον! Φιλια!

  2. Γιατί δεν με έχεις ικανή να έχω ένα λεμονοστίφτη μέσα στη τσάντα μου, για ώρα αναγκης 🙄 Ολες οι ιδέες παίζουν..χχο

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