Long distance running……

Time for contemplation about ourselves, about others or  about  life itself.

The following is a paragraph, which I liked very much,  from the book of Haruki Murakami “What I talk about when I talk about running”

“Fatigue has built up after all this training, and I can’t seem to run very fast. As I’m leisurely jogging along the Charles River, girls who look to be new Harvard freshmen keep on passing me. Most of the girls are small, slim, have on maroon Harvard-logo outfits, blond hair in ponytail, and brand-new iPods, and they run like the wind. You can definitely feel a sort of aggressive challenge emanating from them. They seem to be used to passing people, and probably not used to be being passed. They all look so bright, so healthy, attractive, and serious, brimming with self-confidence. With their long strides and strong, sharp kicks, it’s easy to see that they’re typical mid-distance runners, unsuited for long distance running. They’re more mentally cut out for brief runs at high speed.

Compared to them I’m pretty used to losing. There are plenty of things in this world that are way beyond me, plenty of opponents I can never beat. Not to brag, but these girls probably don’t know as much as I do about pain. And, quite naturally, there might not be a need for them to know it. ….. Still, it’s pretty wonderful to watch these pretty girls run. As I do, I’m stuck by an obvious thought: One generation takes over from the next. This is how things are handed over in this world…..These girls have their own pace, their own sense of time. And I have my own pace, my own sense of time. The two are completely different, but that’s the way it should be”

5 thoughts on “Long distance running……

  1. παλι καινουργιο στυλ.. δεν σε προλαβαινω με τις αλλαγες.. οσο για το θεμα .. η τελευταια προταση τα λεει ολα… καθετι στον καιρο του, και καθε ανθρωπος με τους ρυθμους της.. ο χρονος ειναι μεν εχθρος αλλα και συνοδοιπορος..

    • Ξέρεις Μαργαρίτα όταν αλλάζω στύ στο blog εχω μια χαρά αισθάνομαι μια ανανέωση λές και έχω αγοράσει καινούργιο φόρεμα ή τσάντα…. 🙂 Tώρα αυτό μου έρχεται τόσο refreshing και το τελευταίο που είπε ‘συνοδοιπόρος’ είναι τόσο σοφό !!!

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