Sartorial London

“If Paris was the capital of the 19th century and New York of the 20th, London is shaping up to be the capital of the 21st century” New York magazine. I believe so! London is very vibrant and multicultural city. Strolling around London is quite an eventful affair.

Let’s get married in lilac along the Thames !

The elegance has no age. Her shoes had a splash of red as well….

No idea what he is doing with the mirror outside Selfridges?


Competition among the world’s best

I found some interesting ideas in Chrystia Freeland’s article about globalization and plutocracy. The following is an extract from the article.

“The big challenge of this new decade will be coping with the emergence of a global plutocracy -the hyper-educated, internationally minded  meritocrats who have been the chief beneficiaries of globalisation and the technological revolution……..

The rise of the plutocracy is an unexpected and still largely unnoticed consequency of the powerful political and economic changes shaping this century. These revolutions-the collapse of communism, the spread of of economic globalisation and the impact of  of the internet and mass computing- were, after all, about breaking barriers. The Berlin Wall fell;trade restrictions were eased; technology made information and communication free.Older, established institutions-ranging from the music business to traditional media and Detroit carmakers found themselves outmanoeuvred and out-priced by entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Mumbai and Shanghai…..,,,,,,,

We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity for the smartest, most persistent and most cunning among us and incredibly today’s rags-to-riches stories are emerging not just from Harvard dorm rooms, but also from the software centres of Bangalore and the oil fields of Siberia. …………………

Both globalisation and technology have had a punishing impact on those without the intellect, luck or chutzpah to  profit from them……..

We live in an age of uprecedented openness -of ideas, of people, of trade . But for the middle class, these opportunities have been largely theoretical: in America social mobility has actually declined…………….”

p.s Chrystia  Freeland  is US’ managing editor of FT . You can find the full article  in the FT (right column) but it is not free!

p.s. Η πάλη των τάξεων είναι συσίφια  υπόθεση

p.s Οι φωτογραφίες είναι άσχετες και είναι από το  Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2009.

photos : Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2009