How our children see us

mom5It is a truth universally acknowledged that the written word is more powerful than the spoken one. I confirmed it when I read my little albion’s poem for the mother’s day.

A woman that is Greek
A beautiful woman with green eyes
Who is this woman?
My mother that is wh

I feel that I am in a better position than that of Martin Amis whose children said to him :”You’d look a lot better, daddy, if you grew more hair’-or ” Daddy, when you laugh you look like a mad old tramp”. He continued by saying:
“At this time of life you resign yourself to simple truths. Each successive visit to the mirror will be by definition confront you with something unprecedentedly awful. When you become old you find yourself auditioning for the role of a lifetime, then after interminable rehearsals you find you are starring in a horror film, talentless, irresponsible and…. low budget. Above all else, as is the way for horror films, they are saving the worst for last!”

I think stoicism is the only way to confront the situation of ageing and our children’s criticism. So far I escaped unscathed 😕


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