Mobile novels and other stories about books


The Amazon’s Kindle looks pale in comparison to the mobile books.  The reader doesn’t  need to carry an extra apparatus such as the Kindle but using his mobile phone. As I was browsing  around the books in Abu Dhabi International Book fair (part of the Frankfurt Book Fair)I came across a mobile books stand named BlackBetty multimedia publishing company. The man in the stand explained to me that his company developed a converged publishing concept wich enables companies, advertising and marketing agencies as well as publishing houses to presents contents and trademarks on customized mobile screens. So far in Europe the concept of the mobile books is limited to their  promotion such as  sending sms with the book’s title and their reviews. Going back home and searching about the subject I realized that  in Japan the mobile phone novel is an established market. Half of the top ten selling works of fiction  are composed on mobile phones. One book, Koizora (Love Sky) about high-school girl zapanesewho is bullied, raped, becomes pregnant has sold more than 1.2. million copies since being released. Another book Moshimo Kimiga (420.000 copies) starting with instalments uploaded to an internet site and sent to thousand of young subscribers! The Arab book market is growing very slowly but with this new invention perhaps the new generation of Arabs will find more attractive and easy to upload a novel and start to read  wherever they are.


P.S.  Αυτή η υποσημείωση είναι για ένα δέμα που έλαβα τις προάλλες και ήταν πράγματι μια έκπληξη για μένα. Γιατί μέσα στο δέμα ήταν δύο βιβλιαράκια αφιερωμένα στα δύο μου Αλβιονάκια και συγγραφέας αυτού ήταν μια καλή φίλη και ‘ευεργέτης’  η Αγγελική Παπαδοπούλου η οποία εκτός απο υπεύθυνη εκδοτικού οίκου και δημοσιογράφος είναι και συγγραφέας παιδικών βιβλίων. Ο τίτλος του βιβλίου είναι ‘ο Λύκος που δεν ήθελε να είναι πια Κακός’ εκδόσεις Φερενίκη.kakoslikos1-1

Ενα καταπληκτικό , ευρηματικό γεμάτο χιουμορ βιβλίο γύρω από το εκδοτικό χώρο με καταπληκτικά σκίτσα του Κώστα Μητρόπουλου πεθερού της Αγγελικής. Τα Αλβιονάκια μου κατενθουσιάστηκαν γιατί εκτός ότι τουs άρεσε η υπόθεση που είναι εντελώς ανατρεπτική, είχαν την ευκαιρία να πάρουν μέρος και αυτά στην ιστορία, ζωγραφίζοντας τον εαυτό τους ανάμεσα στα καταπληκτικά σκίτσα του κ. Μητρόπουλου. 

kakoslikos2Τώρα που διάβασα το δικό της ‘πόνημα’ καταλαβαίνω γιατί της άρεσε το δικό μου βιβλίο, αυτό το στοιχείο το ανατρεπτικό με το ‘παράξενο’ χιούμορ  μας έφερε κοντά. Αγγελική συγχαρητήρια.

Museums without borders

“Our museums conjure up for us a Greece that never existed” Andre Malraux 1952.    


100_15011  Saadiyat Island Cultural District in Abu Dhabi where Guggenheim Museum, Louvre, Performance Art Center etc. are going to be completed in 2012 



Jean Nouvel: Classical Museum, Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. France  will rotate between 200 and 300 artworks through the Louvre Abu Dhabi during a 10-year period



  • The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum, designed by internationally renowned American architect Frank Gehry, is an experiment in inventive 21st-century museum design.


  • Zaha Hadid Architects) Performing Arts Centre Abu Dhabi .


The concept for the 21st century is education and art without borders only the ‘Parthenon Marbles’  have to be stuck in the 18th century  British Museum in  Old Albion.

How to talk to anyone anytime anywhere

minartes1The followings could be  extracts  from a script  with the title ‘How to talk to Anyone Anytime Anywhere’ .

The venue was the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi –  a villa like those we see in the fino’s films during the sixties. I was looking for Nathanail (Greek actress) to peep out from a corner and running into the huge grass garden to meet ‘Alexi'(Greek popular posh name) .

 Instead of this imaginery scene my first encounter was  a Pakistani diplomatic couple. The woman said “You should visit Islamabad, it’s beautiful place, there is lately a bad press but the situation isn’t exactly as you read in the headlines…”

Penelope  “Don’t worry my country is always under those headlines and I sympathise you”. I knew the feeling so well.

Seconds later,    Saddam Hussein was approaching me with the look of a bon viveur. He was wearing a tuxedo, white bow tie and a big cigar. He introduced himself as Iraqui businessman and Penelope as Unani( the Greek in Arabic). As he was walking away, the man next to me murmured in my ears “he is throwing the best parties in town with belly dancers and food! I wasn’t surprise it was a natural attachement to his appearance.

Third Scene  in the round table : A Jordanian businessman was enthusiastic about Penelope’s nationality and he started to talk about his hero Alexander the Great  (I don’t know how the conquerors settle in people’s mind as heroes, perhaps the power, success and his early death). But he had another card in his sleeves, his homeland was Bethleem and he carried on saying “you know this  great guy Jesus, he was born in my town! there is still the cave which is lightened by a big star…….” Μy  religious aunt Eftalia came to my mind, perhaps she would be in shock hearing the references about Jesus.

Fourth Scene: A  couple of Indian people speaking with  perfect English,  sign of educated  and uppercast Indians. The lady said   “India is a vast country,  most Indians do not  have common things  except their name. We are Zoroastries.. “. A that point  I could identify them, they looked  exactly like my Indian friend Sorop who had the same roots and religion. 

The rest  of the evening was a stereotype , the  cause of the reception was a chilrend charity and the hostess was the wife of a prominent man in the local society. She cares for the children as well as for her connections and the couple’s social status. These things go together everywhere around the globe.

As I was walking away  , the minarets lights were on giving a very exotic atmosphere, I had the  feeling that I had refreshed my  primary school knowledges  about religions and history. The lesson was “everything can be used as a talking point when you are in a such diverse social circle”.