The Audacity of Hope


Yes yes yes!!I am with the winners this time. Perhaps for the first time. I have passed a big chunk in my life belonging to  a political party which had not only ever won the election but  barely managed to get in the parliament and if it stepped in, it had one representative. If it had two it was a fairy tale dream.  I was usually withdrawn from the public eye during the best part of the pre-election and post election period  to avoid the sardonic comment of my friends ,who most of them  were belonging to the two strong electable parties of my country. And the climate was such that I wasn’t daring to say anything about my political views. The most tolerant of them, they were looking at me with a pity and they were saying  ‘hey Penelope you cannot spend your life voting for losers’.  The more they  were saying the more I felt that I had to stick to my ideas which was at the same time a strong shield to the bullying. So the time passed and the political scenery has changed the border of the countries have changed and there we are, Penelope has favoured the American new President. It opraobama1was attraction at  the first sight. In the first place the sign of the attraction was his skin colour, a different and a very difficult combination not only to win but to float in the American political scenery. He was black in America, undoubtedly a secure passport to fail in everything. But he managed to come up  to the top in a vast country with millions of competitors who had if anything else an acceptable colour skin. I started to admire him for his audacity of hope and reading his book with the same title, I found that he is a warm, eloquent,  good writer and  politician and much more humane than the predecessor. Me and millions of people of his own country and other countries look at him with a lot of expectations which I am sure he is aware as well as he is aware of the multitasking top job he is undertaking.   Millions of people are breathless waiting for his next step. The fact is that he is the first man of his tribe to get this top job and this great achievement belongs to him. For the rest of us in the personal level if anything else is an inspiration. The audacity of hope that became reality!


10 thoughts on “The Audacity of Hope

  1. Good Morning,
    Do you refer to a party of your “old” (Greece) or of your “new” (UK) country?
    I used to vote for a big party, but since the last Euroelections and national ones, I switched to a small party which ideas are closer to my heart and mind.

  2. Πάντως είναι εντελώς χαζή η φράση “μην ψηφίζεις χαμένους”. Να μου πεις να μην ψηφίσω γιατί είναι αυτς, κάνει αυτό, είναι κακός γι’ αυτό, να το καταλάβω, αλλά να μην τον ψηφίσω γιατί είναι “χαμένος”;;;


    (Για τα ρέστα… ο καιρός θα δείξει… δεν πείθομαι εύκολα)

  3. Al αυτό ήταν το λιγότερο the bullying situation was the most painful. Για τα ρέστα δες το όπως το έθεσα in the personal level and achievement 😉

  4. Παιδί μου καλησπέρα σου. Εσύ ποτέ με τους χαμένους, πάντα με τους κερδισμένους. Εμαθα ότι θα εισαι στο ινογκιρέισον στις 20 Ιανουαρίου. Αληθεύει ;

  5. Nαι εκεί θα είμαι, μου έστειλε βλέπεις ειδική πρόσκληση γιατί βλέπεις στη δεύτερη δουλειά μας είμαστε συνάδελφοι,εκείνος για τις περιπετειες τους στην Αμερική και εγώ για τις δικές μου ανα τον κόσμο 😆

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