Spotlight on women :Susan Sarandon et al


Big names Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, Carol Bouquet debated about women in society. Susan Sarandon always smart and down to the earth, her answers were on the spot ‘changes come within yourself,   in the small community, in your neighborhood….’ Carol Bouquet’s arguments were very stereotyped, stuck  on Freud and ‘mal de faire’ in childhood. Jane Fonda kept quiet to be ready for the night ceremony which was dedicated to her ‘a tribute to Jane Fonda’. All of them elegant but Susan Sarandon had distinguished herself from the rest, she knew what to wear and how to cary herself in this particular place by choosing an extraordinaire beautiful dress, the words smart,elegant, wit  are not enough to describe her. Carol bouquet very beautiful and elegant with her French way. Jane Fonda with her quintessentially american outfit to show her aerobic past, tight  trousers and silver blouse and and Penelope  with her small kodak digital camera tried to compete with the Paparatsi.


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