When Penelope hit the Hamptons

The journey from New York to Hamptons,100 miles from Manhattan, was quite joyful and unexpectedly picturesque. Either side of the road the fields were full of vineyards , pine and elm trees and only approaching the East Hamptons, which was our destination, the scenery was changing and you can spot Tiffany and Ralph Lauren shops and where the road- Montauk highway -makes a fork, in the center of it, a Windmill(the Hook Mill). East Hampton has a lot of titles under its belt. It was voted “America’s most beautiful village’ by National Geographic and the ‘playground of the rich New Yorkers’. According to the history, it was a farming and fishing village and the original land was purchased from the Montauket Indians, its first name was Maidstone(named by the english farmers from Kent,UK). It’s beauty is due to the strong preservationist policy. You will not see sprawling malls,fast food shops or even coffee shops with tables and chairs on the pavements. We were expecting haughtiness and exclusivity in the beaches and for sure we were not prepared to pack up our stuff,towels umbrellas etc, in order to go to there, as in olden days in Athens, where the beach destination was near to the experience of moving houses. The beach was an endless carpet of white sand and the fellow sunbathers were like they have stepped down from their Park Avenue apartment and being chauffeured to the beach. Next to us, a glamorous woman was wearing Hermes outfit bikini , skirt and reading the Voque, from the other side a couple of blondy teenagers were playing with their blackberry and gossiping about Ashley Olsen, front of us were two men with Gucci and Prada sunglasses holding the Vanity Fair and talking about Obama…East Hamptons is the favourite destination of the NY Democrats. Despite of this, Obama didn’t appear at any reception this summer, according to the local press. Perhaps he was not white enough to attend! The surrounding houses were beautiful but the big estates were hidden behind the high fences like this of Jacky Kennedy-Onasis’s family house ‘Lasata’-the big estate of the Bouvier’s family- which has been recently sold to a rich and famous couple who they are ready to use it for their own high profile parties. In the afternoon as usual in every seaside resort the town centre, with the shops and restaurants, was getting back in life, and the sunbathers were dressing down for their night’s entertainment. For men Lacoste was the label which is back in fashion with amazing colours. For women the same style as ever, Prep. I found a small boutique with the name McLaughlin where I loved every bit of it, even the armchair in the changing room but I decided to buy a dress, thinking “it is easier to carry it!” East Hampton has beautiful restaurants, but everything is enclosed, no tables and chairs on the pavements due to the preservation law as I mentioned above. The social game takes place in the private parties in the big houses like that of the Great Gatsby’s movie. Walt Whitman the american poet and native of Long island(Montauk) describes wonderfully the sea’s scenery in his poem “Montauk point” “… the tossing waves, the foam, the ships in the distance, the wild unrest, the snowy, curling caps-that inbound urge and urge of waves, Seeking the shores forever”. The above scenery was in everyday base as long as we stayed in Hamptons, fun of course by dangerous . On the way back to Kennedy airport my little Ablions were complaining about the waves, were nice and quite fun but they were unable to swim properly. My eyes were fixed on the wheel but my tongue had life on his own and the words came out independently “at least in Greece we would be able to swim in the peaceful Mediterranean ‘lake’!” “yesssss…..” my little Albions replied triumphantly. East Hampton which includes Montauk is the end of Long Island after this, the next stop is Portugal….!


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